A unique event-location
located on the NDSM pier in Amsterdam

The authentic location, beautiful appearance and multifunctionality make the Veronicaschip a perfect location for corporate events, drinks, presentations, weddings and other meetings.

Between decks...

...van de Norderney is ideal for intimate gatherings, such as drinks, dinners and birthdays. The playful and robust interior combined with the warm lighting provide a stylish and cozy feeling. The glass roof gives the room a light and spacious atmosphere.

Below deck

...of the ship functions as a multifunctional space where, in addition to presentations and dinners, parties can also be held. The room has a professional light and sound system. The belly is characterized by the characteristic wooden floor, cozy wall benches and original ship lighting. Fun fact is that this space is below water level.

Above deck...

The above deck is called the ‘sun terrace’. It’s the highest place on the ship and has the best view possible. The above deck is perfect for smaller groups or can be used as a special place during bigger events.


Connected to the ship, there’s a floating terrace with a great view on the IJ river. The glass fence and fire pits make for a comfortable setting where you can be outside till the late hours. When the weather turns bad, we have tents available to arch over the terrace.

Full location

De whole location is perfect for a big event or wedding. It's also possible to start the event outside and continue the event inside later on.


We can arrange the whole catering for the event. This contains diner and small bites. It's also possible to hire extern partners or caterers that can use our kitchen.

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